A Message from the Owners

Dear Booklover,

Bob HugoJohn Hugo

The world is a fast and changing place. We’ve got Internet and smartphones and eReaders and so much information coming from so many places, it is sometimes hard to figure just where, when, and how to use our time and resources effectively. I have been selling books now for over 45 years and the passion of reading is still alive and well in all our communities.

At times, we struggle with the amount of folks reading, but in today’s world there are many more options for leisure activities for both children and adults alike. Reading is important, but it competes with many other electronic games and activities. But, if and when you are reading, we as local independent bookstores want to do everything possible to make your experience as our customer and our readers the best it can be. Although you can get all your books online and often times cheaper, we have always survived because people enjoy human interaction. They enjoy talking to real people in our bookstores about the books they are enjoying and the lives they are leading. Communities and the stores within them provide this outlet, and it is not one we hope ever goes away. Although we know you can’t always bring your business into our doors, we hope that you remember us and buy from us whenever you can — those local purchases will keep our doors open for many years to come. Your purchases allow us to bring you over 100 free author events and signings across our three stores every year, free story time in Andover, and, of course — pink hair in Marblehead.

We have launched our new website in hopes of attracting your online business for convenience while at the same time allowing you to keep your dollars in the local communities. We also know eBooks and eReaders are here to stay, and although our first passion will always be to pages you can touch, smell, and chew on, we aim to provide you with eBooks for purchase on our website if it’s the format you prefer. We look forward to your comments and suggestions as we start another decade of bookselling in Massachusetts which is only ever possible with your kindness and support.

With Thanks,

Bob & John Hugo