The Andover Bookstore is now buying and selling USED BOOKS!

The Andover Bookstore is buying and selling USED BOOKS!

We can accept up to two (2) boxes/bags of books at a time.  Please call the manager at (978) 475-0143, or email us here, to set up a convenient time to bring in your used books.

How Our Used Book Program Works:

  • Bring in your books to the Andover Bookstore during the appointment time you've scheduled with the manager. We’ll sign you up for an account if you don’t already have one and let you know how long it will take to evaluate your books (typically 10–20 minutes). During this time, feel free to browse in the store.
  • We’ll sort through your books — checking their condition, our stock levels, and the sales history of the titles.  You will receive $1 for every paperback and $2 for every hardcover in store credit, which is redeemable for half of the cost of anything in the store.*
  • Your credit will be waiting on our cash registers under your account. You can shop the same day or at a later date. Unused credit from used books expires one year from the date issued.
  • Take Home Your Books.  After we have evaluated the books that have potential to sell in the Andover Bookstore or on our website, we require you to take home the books we cannot accept.

*Using Your Credit When using your store credit, half of the cost of any item can be covered by the store credit that you have from used books.

For example, if you bring in 5 hardcover books and we accept all of them, you would receive $10 in used book store credit. If you wish to purchase a new paperback from $15, you would pay $7.50 out of your allotted store credit and $7.50 in cash. The other $2.50 in credit remains in your account until the next time you make a purchase.

General Buying Guidelines and What We Do Not Accept:

  • We are most interested in books that have been released within the past year. We make exceptions for classics and books which have maintained their popularity.
  • We do not accept books with underlining or highlighting.
  • We do not accept books that smell of smoke, pets, mold, have water damage, or are dirty. Hardcover books that come with a dust jacket must have the jacket in good condition. Paperbacks should not have broken spines or be missing any pages.
  • Many books become dated quickly or are just not part of the market at the Andover Bookstore — such books include, but are not limited to, travel guides, test preparation books, college guides, and computer or business books. Unless those books have been published in the current calendar year, we are not likely to accept them.
  • We do not accept international versions, book club editions, magazines, encyclopedias, Readers Digest condensed books, cassettes, VHS, CDs, DVDs or magazines.
  • Hardcover vs. Paperback? Generally, our customers buying used books are looking for value in a used book; they are not looking to collect first editions. With that in mind, if the hardcover you want to sell has already been published in paperback we normally will not buy it. If the hardcover you have has yet to be published in paperback, it is likely something we will want.

Children’s Books? At present, we are not accepting children’s books. We will accept Young Adult books, however.